Kidnapping Offenses


Kidnapping, Abduction, and Unlawful Restraint are serious offenses that involve one common theme: restraining someone’s liberty. In other words, preventing them from leaving or moving from an area.


Kidnapping occurs when a person, by force, threat, or deception removes another person from the place where the other person is found or restrains the liberty of the other person, for any of these reasons:

  • Holding the person for ransom, or as a shield or hostage;

  • Facilitating the commission of any felony or flight thereafter;

  • Terrorizing inflict serious physical harm on the victim or another;

  • Engaging in sexual activity with the victim against the victim's will;

  • Hindering, impeding, or obstructing a function of government, or force any action or concession on the part of governmental authority;

  • Holding in a condition of involuntary servitude.

Kidnapping possible penalties:

  • F1 (felony of the first degree)

  • F2 (felony of the second degree)


Abduction is a lesser offense of Kidnapping. A person commits Abduction by knowingly:

  • Holding another in a condition of involuntary servitude;

  • Restraining the liberty of another person under circumstances that create a risk of physical harm to the victim or place the other person in fear;

  • Removing another from the place where the other person is found.

Abduction possible penalties:

  • F2 (felony of the second degree)

  • F3 (felony of the third degree)

Unlawful Restraint

Unlawful Restraint is the least serious offense involving the restraint of someone’s liberty. A person commits Unlawful Restraint by knowingly restraining another person's liberty.

Unlawful Restraint possible penalties:

  • M3 (misdemeanor of the third degree)


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