On the Nov. 7 Ballot, Issue 1

Appearing on the ballot in Ohio on Nov. 7, 2017, Issue 1 is a proposed constitutional amendment focused on helping crime-victims.  The issue is also known as Marsy's Law of Ohio. 

Currently in Ohio, it is up to prosecutors to bring criminal cases to court on behalf of the State.  Several organizations have come forward raising concerns about Issue 1, this includes The Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association, Ohio Public Defender Time Young, the Ohio State Bar Association, and the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.  Many point to the fact that Ohio law already requires prosecutors to protect the rights of victims. 

Those who support the issue include Attorney General Mike DeWine, ten prosecutors, 20 sheriffs and 15 police chiefs. Ron O'Brien, a Franklin County Prosecutor, said of fellow prosecutors, "This will not concern you terribly if you're doing a good job."

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