New Franklin County Jail Focused On Rethinking Justice

Set to open in 2019, the new Franklin County Jail will focus on addressing the underlying issues that results is arrests

County Commissioner John O'Grady said, "we can rethink corrections.  We can rethink sentencing. We can rethink how we provide the type of services needed. We can rethink how to address the opioid crisis."

Jail officials in the new facility will focus on providing metal health services and other treatments for things like addiction.  The facility is designed to have classroom spaces to help educate inmates and provide vocational programs. Also, the facility will feature an open layout to encourage interaction between guards and inmates. The hope is that these treatments and educational courses will result in less repeat offenders. 

The first phase of the jail will cost $175 million and be located on Fisher Road west of downtown Columbus and will provide 900 beds. 

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