Ohio's New Drug Sentencing Bill: Treatment for Users, Prison for Traffickers.

A new drug sentencing proposal has been introduced in the Ohio General Assembly. The proposal, focusing on treatment for drug addicts and prison for drug traffickers, was introduced by Ohio State Senators John Eklund and Sean O’Brien as Senate Bill 3.

Senate Bill 3 appears to be the legislative response to Issue 1, the statewide constitutional amendment initiative in 2018 that sought to amend the Ohio Constitution and address drug sentencing issues. (See more about Issue 1 on our blog here.) Issue 1 had serious, irreversible flaws. Senate Bill 3 addresses these flaws by striking a balance between making sure addicts get the treatment they need and not interfering with the discretion of judges to impose fair and tailored penalties.

Read Senate Bill 3 on the Ohio General Assembly’s website here.

Read more about Senate Bill 3 in the Columbus Dispatch here.