Violent Offenses


Some of the most serious crimes under Ohio law are felony offenses of violence. These offenses are not subject to sealing and expungement and generally come with long prison terms. On the low end, felony offenses of violence may not have mandatory prison time. That means that the judge has discretion to impose probation over prison. However, on the high end, felony offenses of violence oftentimes result in lengthy terms of imprisonment. And for one crime, Aggravated Murder, the maximum possible penalty is death.

Felony offenses of violence under Ohio law include:

  • Aggravated murder

  • Murder

  • Voluntary manslaughter

  • Involuntary manslaughter

  • Felonious assault

  • Reckless assault

  • Aggravated assault

  • Assault

  • Domestic Violence

  • Aggravated Menacing

  • Menacing


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